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Staff Scientist, Carnegie DTM

ALYCIA J. WEINBERGER is an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, in Washington, DC. She wants to understand how planets form, so she observes the birthplaces of planets – disks of dust and gas around young stars. She also searches for young and old planets in other star systems to see where they formed. She has a long-standing interest in ultra-high spatial resolution imaging using advanced instrumentation on the ground and in space. She has served on and chaired numerous scientific advisory committees for astronomical facilities including ALMA, SOFIA, and Magellan. She has been principal investigator of grants from NSF and NASA as well as serving on review panels for both agencies. She has done observations across the electromagnetic spectrum from UV to millimeter. She has been a participant in the Giant Magellan Telescope project through work on its science book and the GMTNIRS instrument team. While also on the US-ELT advisory committee, she is interested in a wide range of future instrumentation across the electromagnetic spectrum both on the ground and in space.

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