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Executive Director NASA Science Institute, IPAC, Caltech, JPL

Dr. Beichman has been a leader in space and ground astronomy programs for over 30 years, taking advantage of infrared surveys such as IRAS, 2MASS, and WISE which led to follow-up pointed observations from both ground and space facilities including Palomar, Keck, Spitzer and HST. He has also been engaged in ground and space-based follow-up observations of targets discovered by Kepler, K2 and TESS using Palomar, Spitzer and Keck. Dr. Beichman has a JWST Guaranteed Tme program to build on and extend ground-based discoveries of young exoplanets and brown dwarfs. Finally, he is deeply involved in activities to improve the performance of visible and near-IR precision radial velocity spectrometers to help identify and characterize planets which might someday be targets for a NASA flagship mission to obtain spectra of habitable planets.

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