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Associate Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute

Dr. Perrin is an expert in high contrast imaging of planetary systems using techniques including adaptive optics, coronagraphy, and integral field spectroscopy. His experience with instrumentation development spans both ground and space, including leading the development of the Gemini Planet Imager’s polarimetry mode and data pipeline, and coordinating as deputy PI the HICAT lab testbed developing coronagraph technologies for large segmented space telescopes. Dr. Perrin has conducted high contrast imaging studies with Hubble, Gemini, and Keck, is Co-I on a WFIRST Coronagraph Science Investigation Team, and will lead some of the first coronagraphic observations with JWST. As the JWST Wavefront Sensing and Control Operations Lead, Dr. Perrin coordinates the activities of a large team of scientists and engineers across several partner organizations in preparation for the deployment and alignment of JWST’s unprecedented 6.5 m segmented optics.

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