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Associate Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute

Josh Peek did his undergraduate work at Harvard University. After a brief stopover in Hawaii helping to commission the Submillimeter Array, he did his PhD work with Carl Heiles and Mary Putman at UC Berkeley. In 2009 Josh moved to Columbia University for postdoctoral work, which he continued as a Hubble fellow until 2014. He then joined us here at STScI as an Assistant Astronomer and Archive Scientist. He is now an Associate Astronomer, the project scientist of the Data Science Mission Office, and the Principal Investigator for the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. Josh Peek’s scientific interests revolve around the low density universe: the circumgalactic and interstellar media, with a focus on the Milky Way and environs. He uses a broad range of techniques, from classical observations with HST, to data science approaches with SDSS, to deep learning on magnetohydrodynamic simulations.

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